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Entrepology provides content and support for the 100 Entrepreneurs Foundation, a course on entrepreneurship for wounded service members, veterans and their families. The Foundation provides ideas and inspiration on opportunities for them in the civilian world after their recovery.
About 100 Entrepreneurs Foundation

100 Entrepreneurs Foundation was created to provide seriously wounded service members, veterans and their families with information and ideas for creating their own businesses after they leave the hospital. While they learn how to ski, scuba and golf on artificial limbs and post brain injuries, our program shows them that the job market in civilian life includes creating new companies, including 8(a) businesses for government contracting. The veterans have a great many ideas for new businesses, addressing every market and in just about every industry.

To support injured service members, veterans and their families, more than 100 Entrepreneurs have been interviewed and through their case studies, presentations and mentorship, they have provided the wounded with their stories, ideas, insights, and wisdom.

To learn more, visit www.100entproject.org