An Entrepreneur’s Story

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Cheap Fixture In A Hotel Room

In a small town in Northern California, an entrepreneur rents a small warehouse space where he’s built a strong business over the past 10 years.  He was an electrician for many years, working with a large electrical contractor.  A friend of a friend of his changed all that.

“M., can you fix my grandmother’s chandelier?”  He hadn’t worked on an antique lighting fixture before and knew very little about them, but said, “Let me see what I can do.”

The lighting fixture was delicate and intricate and pieces had to be pulled apart to be rewired and repaired.  It needed careful polishing.  He also had to find replacement pieces, which involved searching for antique lighting parts dealers.  The project took weeks of work but he loved it.  The new client was thrilled paid him well.  Then she told  20 people about his work, including interior designers.

Before long, M. had so many projects, he quit his job and was forced to find warehouse space to store all his projects.  He networked with antique dealers and connected with people who traveled the world to find lighting fixtures and parts..  He began to see how a hand blown glass vase from Italy could become a new lamp.  He started collecting object d’art to inspire his own light creations

The word kept spreading and his clientele grew.  Techies from Palo Alto showed up in the dingy warehouse after their IPOs to buy multiple large fixtures at the same time.  Designers would select M. to light an entire house for a famous basketball player whose home seemed to cling to the side of a nearby hill.

When you walk into his shop, M. emerges in a tee shirt and jeans and beams.  He shows you a variety of projects he’s working on, some of his finds from antique dealers and describes his plans for his own creations.  He tells great stories about jobs he’s done, people he’s met, and houses he’s lit.  And there he stands, amidst the crystals, brass fixtures, bulbs and luminescent glass, beaming – lighting up his business as he speaks.

M.’s business is healthy and strong.  Perhaps most importantly, he has a business that lights up his life.

Happy business development and all the best!



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