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Entrepology provides a Business Analysis Program to help you manage your business as the CEO.

Management Consulting

When you are facing a new challenge, whether it’s creating a new company or rethinking your small business strategy, due to market, technology, personal or regulatory changes, Entrepology can help.

We review your plans, provide recommendations, highlight areas of risks and opportunities, and provide support through the launch and early implementation phase.

Depending upon the entrepreneur’s objectives, our consulting services can include:
  • Building a business strategy and creating a profitable business plan
  • Reviewing and providing feedback on the existing business strategy, business plan, and/or pro forma
  • Supporting the early implementation, including market research
  • Recommending approaches for launching successfully, including how to build a prospect list/database, marketing and sales strategy and tactics, potential partnerships or joint ventures
  • Preparing to sell or buy a company
  • Highlighting potential risks and opportunities
  • Recommending key targets, suppliers, and support organizations and companies
  • Helping to improve profitability, growth rate, operational excellence and customer service
  • Business analysis to help forecast and track business performance

    Expert business management consulting form-fitted to the start-up or small business.

Our Business Analysis Program has 3 parts:

Part 1:

We help you build or refine your revenue plan and budget per month, per quarter and per year, taking into account your past experience, sales performance, market conditions, seasonality, competition, your investments in marketing or new product enhancements, and other internal and external factors that will affect your business.

Part 2:

We help you track your financials month by month to show you where you are versus your plan.

Part 3:

Quarterly, we analyze the numbers and provide recommendations to help you get back on track based on unexpected internal or external factors, such as the departure of a key employee, a new competitor, or a new technology.

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